You Are Right Where You Are Meant To Be

your journey



I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Not everyone believes that, I am certain, but I do.  Perhaps it is because I choose to learn lessons from both the good times and the bad times in my life.  So I see the bad times not as being cursed or having bad luck, but as an opportunity to grow and learn something I might need to learn from that situation.

Do you believe you are, right now, in the exact place you are meant to be?  Whether it be a good time, or a bad time, can you accept that life if offering you a lesson to learn?  I think that how we view the different times in our lives makes a big difference in how we navigate the good – and the bad.

For a time after my divorce, I believed that my ex-husband felt cheated out of a number of years of his life – as if our marriage had been a big mistake to him and he lost that time.  I still don’t know if my perception is true, or just a fear I had….but I never once thought of those years as a ‘mistake’.  We had many happy years, but even in the unhappy ones, as painful as they were, I’ve never believed they were a waste of my time.  I believe we go through things in our lives, and while sometimes we do create our own pain, there is always a gift that we can take away from that difficult time…if we look for it.

Consider the possibility that one of our challenges in learning self care is accepting where we are ‘in the moment’.  Be present.  Be mindful.  Don’t always be looking behind, wishing for the past, or looking ahead, longing for the future.  Can we be here, in this present moment?  Can we accept ourselves just as we are, no matter where we find ourselves right now?  That is our challenge, and our strength.