Tuesday’s Self Care Tip – Celebrate Your Imperfection



Affirmation:  I am imperfect.  AND in that imperfection, I am beautiful!

  How does the thought of imperfection make you feel?  For me, it was NOT ok to be imperfect.  To admit imperfection meant admitting I wasn’t good enough!

Babystep:  Give yourself permission to be imperfect.  AND be ok with it.


Monday’s Self Care Tip – Hugs!

how to love yourself

Affirmation:  I am loving.  I am lovable.  I am loved.

Babystep:  There are just not enough hugs in this world.  And if you’re like me, a single person, there  are, sometimes, no people around to hug or give a hug to!  So today, give yourself a Great Big Hug.  Stand in front of the mirror and wrap your arms around yourself and squeeeeeze.  Look into your own eyes and say…..(insert name)…..I LOVE You.  I really, really love you.  You are perfect just the way you are. Mean it.