Five Ways To Find Time For Self Care

Let’s face it.  You’re a busy mom who barely gets time to go to the bathroom alone, let alone practice self care!  Or, you’re taking care of your aged father in your home, plus you’ve got kids and a partner AND a job.  How can you possibly find time for self care?

1. Set an intention.  Be committed to finding 15-30 minutes of ‘me’ time every single day. 

2.  Rise 15-30 minutes earlier than everyone else. Having even a small amount of time to yourself to meditate, pray, do some stretching, or journal can make all the difference to your day.

3.  Schedule ‘me’ time into your daily routine.

4. Evaluate your ‘time-wasters’.  How much time do you spend on facebook?  Are you a person that checks their emails twenty five times a day?  Do you run to the store three times over the course of the day because you don’t have a list?  Take a few minutes each morning (while the kids are eating breakfast, perhaps?) to prioritize your day – a short to-do list can work wonders in giving you some extra time.

5. Say “NO” sometimes.  You really don’t have to be there for everyone, all the time.  If you’re a true giver of all your time and energy, saying no will feel uncomfortable at first.  And it might surprise the people around you!  That’s ok.  Saying no to some things in order to nurture yourself is important!

Sometimes, thinking of ways to find ‘me’ time can seem overwhelming.  The one thing that will help with actually finding time is going to be setting an intention.  You’ll be amazed at how you are able to find time when you decide you’re important enough for some ‘me’ time!


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