Take Time For You..,

daily love

Why is it so difficult for a good many of us to take time……just for ourselves?  How did it become so wrong in our society?  What causes us to do everything for everyone else,  before we give ourselves even a tiny thought? (If we give ourselves that tiny thought!)

And, thing is, even if we have extra time nowadays, we fill those moments with gadgets.  Cell phone, tablets, laptops, computers…sometimes I think it’s almost as if there’s a conspiracy somehow to keep us from actually stopping long enough to check in with ourselves.

I don’t know the answers to those questions.  I can make some guesses, though.  Our upbringing, our religions, just being a woman can do it!  We women in particular have learned that everyone else’s needs must always come before our own.    But there’s a major problem with that belief.  We are being robbed of our best – and not only us – but those around us as well!   We cannot give from a full place if we’re empty!  That is what we need to learn.  And when we have learned that, many of us will still need to give ourselves permission to ‘dive into self care’.  Because it can be scary to give yourself that time, that space – especially  when we’re not used to doing it.  It can feel awkward, even.  Downright uncomfortable!

One small step toward honoring your self today:  Turn off your cell phone/computer/tablet for one entire hour.  Find a cozy corner and start that book that you’ve been wanting to read.  Or make yourself a cup of tea and gaze out the window.  Try. Doing. Nothing.  For one hour – without guilt.

We owe it to ourselves to care enough to choose good things….just for us.  Who is the world to tell us we don’t deserve it?  And why do we listen?


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